Virtual Admin

Administration is an essential part of life - not only in business, but in the personal lives of us all, and most people either love or hate it... 

I LOVE it, (it's an occupational hazard/perk!)

Most VA websites detail many reasons why you need a VA, but if you're actively looking for or even just exploring VA solutions, you will probably already know the main reasons why, but if not, using a VA give you:

...effective time management, which leads to

...increased business productivity and profitwhich in turn

...recenters you back to your own well being and goals which may have got lost along your business journey

But one of my other passions missing from their why's... 

"What a VA can do for your Customer Satisfaction"

Having all the above in place is an achievement in itself, but retaining it all and doing it well ensures your Customer or Client satisfaction, repeat or referred custom, and income consistency  

Admin can encompass all manner of tasks, and whilst the downloadable list is not going to cover them all, it will give you an idea, or view the slideshow below for a snapshot of common tasks 


Audio Transcription


The Institute of Administrative Management

I am a member of the Institute of Administrative Management which means I have to complete a certain amount of CPD to renew my membership

My member number is 103446


Ensure your 'in the know' about your VA...

The Virtual Assistant (VA) industry is booming more than ever, especially in response to the 'C19' word.  The VA industry is currently unregulated by a professional body and is quickly being saturated with those who are inexperienced, not compliant, and/or uninsured

It is imperative to ensure you are working with an experienced or accredited VA or know exactly what your VA is doing to make sure they are compliant, not only for their protection but yours too

A small selection of Associations setting out to regulate the industry, are detailed below for your information:


Society of Virtual Assistants