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Top Tips for Remote Working:

I was recently told by a fellow SVA VA, my reply to a “top tip” forum question would make for a brilliant blog post.

Now, I’m no creative writer, in fact, I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to this sort of thing as I tend to waffle… a lot…

So, in bullet point fashion,

Top Tips for Remote Working:

have a designated area for work, preferably away from distractions like the TV or games console!

★ have basic stationery: pens, paper, pencil, notepad, ruler, hole pinch and a file to keep any papers altogether

★ use Pomodora Timers or Focusmate, something for accountability - If you are accountable to someone/thing, you're more likely to be productive

★ allocate time via a timetable if you have other responsibilities like children or caring for others. It can be helpful to know a day in advance to be better time productive

★ use loom (a screen recorder) to record processes and send to colleagues, sometimes it's easier than trying to explain!

★ use Click up (I LOVE Clickup! Ask me for a referral code for a discount! 😉) Trello or similar for progress tracking, or a good old fashion Kanban spreadsheet; templates can easily be downloaded from windows office or google search

★ follow the same routine you did when not remote working, get up at the same time, have breakfast, have breaks etc

★ change clothes, lounge wear etc may reduce your productiveness

★ take advantage of free trial periods but make sure you sign up only if you really need it (and ensure you read when the period expires so you can cancel before any fees are taken!)

★ use Clockify or similar time trackers to log work and submit reports to your employer. Some employees are taking advantage of the situation and not completing work they should be!

★ if using Zoom or Skype etc, connect your device via Ethernet wherever possible, your internet will be more stable and reduce the chance of lagging due to excessive use or if you find your internet lagging purchase a Wi-Fi booster, it could be later claimed back as an expensive if required for work ★ so keep receipts of anything purchased that you needed to buy for work! Within reason, and at employer discretion, you could claim the cost back. You can also claim some back through your tax if your employer won't refund your expenses

★ most apps have mobile versions and whilst not the full experience, it might be worth looking into if you don’t have a pc or laptop

★ following on from the above, speak to text mobile apps can be very helpful if you are using tablets or mobiles, lessens the chance of RSI on wrists and thumbs! finally...

★ keep in regular contact with colleagues and managers, not only for work but social too. Many people don’t realise the amount of social interaction they get from their job. It makes sense when you think most people spend more time with their colleagues than their partner...

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