Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll are one the most financially complex tasks required in running a business, not to mention when you transfer similar task complexity to your personal life

Whilst most of the services I offer are in the downloadable document below, view the slideshow for a snapshot of the most common tasks


Accounting Software Setup

I can assist you to get it all in order

Ensuring your Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll are done correctly and in a timely manner can save you money on taxes, reduce stress and keep your Accountant happy! 

When the same is carried over to your personal finances, you could begin to manage or even reduce debt, assisting with budgeting and saving for that big expense

 Working with me will ensure that your data is verified, correctly entered and assigned into your accounting software and organised ready for your Accountant to pick up and, if needed, I can look at your existing systems to ensure they work best for you not only financially, but mentally too

Don't leave it all until the last minute though! Bookkeeping is an ongoing, regular task, and by leaving it for long periods and then having to rush through the process not only increases the risk of fines, penalties or inaccurate figures, it will cause problems for your Accountant.  Submitting your information to an Accountant with only 2 months or less notice may find you in hot, expensive water!

Many cloud accounting packages offer automation, so whilst in the interim, it can be a bit of work setting it up (that's where I can help!) long term, the software will keep your record keeping ticking over with little management from you, or delegate it completely to someone like me and even less input is required of you, until it really matters. I can also liaise directly with your Accountant and so you will see all your data up to date giving an accurate cash-flow overview, leading to better financial decision making

But don't worry if you feel overwhelmed, just want to hold your hands up and yell "help", or are behind in your record keeping, contact me and we can discuss the next step...

Pricing is on a bespoke basis as I believe every client is different, you should only pay for what you need!

As a guide, my 5 hour package is £117.50 


Accounting Software Accreditations


Kashflow Level 3 Expert