Hi, I'm Becci

I founded Bespoke Admin Plus in 2016, but I have been a Business Administrative and Systems Professional for over 18 years and Financial Professional for over 16 years.

I work freelance both remotely and/or at your premises to assist and support you and your business with Virtual Administration, Accounting, and Online Business Management / Consulting. 

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Starting in a chartered accounting firm as a Business Administration Modern Apprentice, I quickly became Senior Secretary and I spent a good few years finding my feet in both an administrative/supervisor and bookkeeping/accounts preparation roles.

Through the next few years I had various short term "Head Hunted" opportunities where I set up Business Administrative Systems, Procedures and Policies, along with Managerial Personal Assistance and overall Business Management. 

I then went for a change of pace and followed, what I thought would be my ideal industry, the Legal sector. I soon discovered during my role as a Legal Secretary and Fee Earner Assistant, that the Legal sector, at least in that capacity, was not my true calling. Why? I thought it was about justice and righting the wrongs, ensuring compliance and assisting people and businesses in their hour of professional representative need. Instead, my experience showed the darker side of Legality; greed, pretentious arrogance, injustice and disloyalty. That's not so say all of the Legal sector is like this, in fact, I now know it is not! But at that time it really did leave a bitter taste, but perhaps for the better... 

So, I went back to what I knew well and loved, and soon became a Business Support Manager for a small pub chain.  I really enjoyed this role and how in depth with all things business I could get. It was a great challenge, turning negatives to positives and I came up against persons oppressive of change and persons who thought my young age meant little to no experience, however, with time and gentle persuasion, actually listening and acting upon employee input, they could see the benefits of the changes being implemented. I saw my systems, policies and procedures being followed by the letter, with very little guidance needed from me, staff engagement at a high and business growth more than projected, it was clear I was no longer needed, my work there was done! 

I then had the offer of jointly managing a small guest house. Even though it was an alien sector to me then, I of coursed jumped at the chance, and again really enjoyed getting stuck in with all aspects of the business, from accounting and business processes to administrative and event management to being a waitress, cleaner and housemaid.

Following the arrival of my first child, I went on maternity. It was whilst I was on maternity that I came across the plight of a Hampshire mum whose daughter spent a lot of time in NICU. Her idea lead to the creation of a not-for-profit charity. I responded to their call for help, which subsequently lead to me taking over management and development of the charity and its exposure as a voluntary project. I absolutely loved it. Roles such as Trustee, Finance Manager, HR Assistant, Secretary, Application Manager, Area Representative, Patent Registrant, amongst many others, meant I felt a deep integral part of the Charity and I became immensely proud of its success.

It was with a heavy heart therefore, upon the birth of my second daughter, gaining employment and needing that financial stability, together with the Charity becoming too big for me to manage internally within the new compliance perimeters, I regretfully ended my management responsibilities. I kept in touch with the Charity and connections until a major change in management ensued. 

My employed role then grew both in working hours and responsibility, and I am very proud to have implemented many Business Systems, Policies and Procedures.

Working from my home office in Lancashire, (though my accent may tell you otherwise - it's a mix of Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Hampshire "tones"!)  means my on-site office hours are minimal, so I can dedicate more time to more clients (and at a competitive rate!)

If you're still here - wow, kudos to you! And thank you for letting me waffle...

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